Monday, May 11, 2009

4 Weeks

Well, 4 weeks have gone by and I'm wishing time would move a bit faster. I feel good, pain down the arm is gone and the numbness in my finger is also starting to diminish...Yes!! Minimal pain in my hip so things on that front are great. However, I am entering a new challenge with this recovery process, and that is boredom. One thing I didn't think about, was how long it would take before I could do anything and I never realized how active I really was. I guess I thought it would be nice to sit around and do nothing, but that was got old after a week. It has been 4 weeks and I am finding myself fighting not to break the doctors orders, but I just remember if I do, I will be on the D.L. even longer. You would never believe how much you miss picking up your crying kid and mowing your own lawn in just 4 weeks time. O' well, finish line is coming.


  1. Hi Steve.
    We met briefly earlier in the Spine Health Chatroom where you posted the link to your blog.What a great idea to create a blog to do with your surgery.I would guess it's also a good way of relieving some of the boredom .I've not had any surgery yet and have to see the doctor on May 28th to discuss my fate. I've got excess wear on L4/L5 and DDD as far as we know and that's going by 3/4 year old MRI's.I had an epidural of steroids on Feb 27th and that totally put my back pain through the roof so now it's a waiting game.By the way I'm Scott_in_UK on the Spine board.

    I hope your recovery continues at a speed you'd like.

  2. Hang in there! This is alwasy the hardest part of any recovery, once you start feeling better. Continue to remind yourself how you felt before and the end goal!!

  3. I think it was Winston Churchill who said "I find being an optimist is the only constructive way to be." I may have missworded this, but you get the idea.