Monday, May 4, 2009

3 Weeks

So it has been 3 weeks now and the progress is moving along. The pain in my hip is still present but it has gotten about 30% better than last week. Standing while putting weight on that leg is the most painful thing. Walking, walking up hill and while sitting, I really don't notice the hip. Standing and walking down a hill or steps is the most painful.

Back pain is moving along okay. I still have numbness in my finger, which is expected to be the last to go away, and some pain around the area of the fusion. The pain running down my arm is all but gone (Thank god) so I'm hoping a few more weeks and I'll be pain free.

The one thing that is getting to be a major pain in the neck (literally) is the soft neck brace. You have to wear this thing 24/7 except when in the shower, and it is really warm. You sort of forget that it is there when your in a climate controlled area, but when outside in the warm weather, or a hot office (like mine) its like wearing a super thick scarf. You inevitably work up a sweat, so I need to wash it almost daily. I would recommend a second brace to anyone who may go do this.

I guess all in all things are going as well as expected, but I have to say, I wish I would have done this way before golf season.

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